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Bio Raw White Mulberries

Bio Raw White Mulberries


Country of origin: Turkey

Refreshingly succulent, tart and sweet mulberries are indeed rich in numerous health benefiting flavonoid phytonutrients.

Botanically, they are the berries obtained from the silkworm tree belonging to the Moraceaefamily, within the Genus: Morus. Scientific name: Morus nigra. L. In Spanish, they are known as moras.

More than hundred species of Morus exist. In the taxonomy, the species generally identified by the color of flower buds and leaves, but not by the color of the berries. So, a mulberry plant can exhibit different colored berries; black, purple, red, white, etc., on the same plant.


Three species have been recognized for their economic importance.

  • White mulberry (Morus alba) is native to eastern and central China.
  • Red or American mulberry (Morus rubra) is native to the eastern United States.
  • Black mulberry (Morus nigra) is native to western Asia.

Mulberries are large, deciduous trees native to the warm, temperate, and subtropical regions of Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Technically, mulberry fruit is an aggregation of small fruits arranged concentrically around the central axis as in blackberry or loganberries. Each fruit measures 2-5 cm in length. In most species, mulberries feature purple-red color while ripening; however, there can be white, red, purple or multiple variegated colors on the same berry.




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