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🌹Rose Heart Frequency Raw Chocolate🌹

🌹Rose Heart Frequency Raw Chocolate🌹


🌹R O S E. H E A R T. F R E Q U E N C Y🌹
~ Intention when eating💗CONNECT TO HEART💗
For love, for compassion, for kindness, for joy, for ease, for flow, for alignment, for balance, for wonder, for bliss, for truth, for light, for being.
Rose infused White Chocolate Style Decadent Handmade Chocolate Bars.
Cacao butter, cashew&sesame butter, agave, coconut blossom nectar, lucuma, rose oil, vanilla, beetroot powder

Our bars are 90g each. Minimum order of 2 bars for £11.99 including delivery.

Bars are hand packed with recyclable brown paper, lined with silver foil and wrapped with a reusable red ribbon... Like back in the day, giving you the feeling your in the Willy Wonka movie, searching for the golden ticket😆🍫


💕😇Sending you all our love and light😇💕

PS. It is highly recommended that for the fullest experience, all BeYouTheFull chocolate is eaten in silence, seated and with closed eyes. So you can get all them mouth feels!

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